Voluntary payroll benefit

Offers employers a channel to more effectively distribute payroll to its employees, lower its banking fees and participate in a unique revenue share program.

Third-party vendor payments

Provides employers the ability to fully control the relationship with its third-party vendors, contractors or service providers.


Payroll Transfer Fee


Employee Account Management Fee


Payment Processing Fee



Provides employees with the option to immediately participate in the digital economy without altering their spending habits or behaviors.
Earns a portion of income from its employees’ participation, via a unique revenue share program.
Allows funding of programs like employee bonuses, holiday events or contributions to local charitable causes from income generated through revenue share program.
Allows employers to transfer payroll.
Reduces costs in payroll transfer.
Offers convenience payroll transfers at any time, regardless of traditional banking hour constraints.
Allows a simple click reversal and adjustment of transactions for an employer handling disbursements, followed by the transmittal of a note of clarification to the employee clarifying the situation.
Eliminates predatory rates charged for cash-based transactions.
Effectively raises the salary of the workforce without increasing payroll.
Provides a user-friendly interface where adjustments can be conducted individually or by groups and sub-groups.
Mitigates security threats from cash transactions.
Provides detailed account activity and rigorous accounting oversight.


Empowers participation in the digital economy.


Offers reduced costs compared to credit card processing.


Reduces poverty and enhances the social impact of the transfer.