Government and social aid benefit disbursement

Enables government agencies or NGOs to distribute funds and social assistance aid more efficiently and transparently, decreasing overhead and corruption.

Voluntary Payroll Benefit

Offers governments/NGOs a channel to more effectively distribute payroll to its employees, lower its banking fees and participate in a unique revenue share program.

Third-Party Vendor Payments

Provides governments/NGOs the ability to fully control the relationship with its third-party vendors, contractors or service providers.


Government & Social Aid Payment Transfer Fee


Payroll Transfer Fee


Aid Recipient Account Management Fee


Payment Processing Fee



Reduces costs of distributing social aid.
Provides governments with the tools to track financial flows.
Combats corruption, money laundering and financial terrorism.
Stimulates the economy by putting less money in the hands of intermediaries and more in the pockets of consumers and merchants.
Reduces poverty and enhances the social impact of the transfer.
Provides detailed account activity and rigorous accounting oversight.


Empowers participation in the digital economy.


Offers reduced costs compared to credit card processing.


Raises the salary of the workforce without increasing payroll.