Voluntary payroll benefit

Offers merchants a channel to more effectively distribute payroll to its employees, lower its banking fees and participate in a unique revenue share program.

Third-party vendor payments

Provides merchants the ability to fully control the relationship with its third-party vendors, contractors or service providers.

Peer-to-peer transfers

Permits merchants to send money in a safe, cost effective and secure manner, free from the customary high fees and hidden costs.

Online and retail transactions

Allows merchants to participate in a rapidly evolving global economy characterized by virtual purchases and instantaneous transfers without the astronomical fees.


Payment Processing Fee


Merchant-to-Merchant Transfer Fee (within ecosystem)


Ecosystem Exit Fee*


Payroll Transfer Fee


Employee Account Management Fee


*Merchants may incur fees charged by third parties for withdrawal or transfer services on funds that exit the ePlata system.


Offers reduced costs compared to credit card processing.
Creates uniquely targeted marketing outreach and cross-selling opportunities inside the ecosystem.
Allows for access to specific targeted consumer market data.
Manages merchant payroll and supply chain.
Reduces internal employee corruption relative to cash-managed transactions.
Increases percentage of funds customers have available to spend.
Mitigates fraud exposure, chargeback risks and security threats from cash transactions.
Provides detailed account activity and rigorous accounting oversight.


Empowers participation in the digital economy.


Raises the salary of the workforce without increasing payroll.


Reduces poverty and enhances the social impact of the transfer.